The Martial Arts Wellness Center offer several different programs, each with age appropriate curriculum and
Everything learned in Taekwondo class carries over into everyday life. Students learn various self-defense
techniques through kicks, strikes, blocks and forms, they also gain self-confidence, respect, responsibility,
courtesy, personal victory, perseverance and leadership qualities  A great form of exercise, Taekwondo works
the cardiovascular system as well as develops muscle strength and tone, flexibility, balance and coordination.  
While Taekwondo is essentially an individual sport, students also gain the benefits of cooperating as a team.
Each student is taught to encourage each other, resulting in a camaraderie and respect among all of the
Special Programs
Throughout the year special seminars may be offered.
(Weapons training, self-defense, Tai Chi, Yoga, workouts with guest instructors,...)
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Life Skills
Each student focuses not only on the physical skills he or she must learn, but also on important skills that will
help lead to personal success in life. Learning these Life Skills are just as important as breaking boards or
kicking high. What good is physical fitness and the ability to defend yourself if you aren't prepared to live your
life and be successful while doing so.  The programs have even more of a positive impact when parents
discuss and reinforce the monthly themes at home with their children. Life skills discussed include confidence,
courtesy, loyalty, goals, respect, attitude, perseverance, honor, self-control, and integrity.